Facts About White Tigers

White tigers are a rare and beautiful kind of tiger that inhabits different areas around the world. They are so rare that they cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but there are only a couple of hundred of them in existence. These beautiful creatures are fascinating and worth learning about. Here are just a few facts about these special creatures.


Even though there are so few of the white tigers in existence, there are still several different species of white tigers. White tigers can be any of the following: Amur, Bali, Caspian, Indian, Sumatran, Indo-Chinese, Java, and South China. Several of these subspecies are now extinct.

Look of the White Tiger

The White Tigers are recognized for their great beauty. They have hundreds of stripes on them, and each tiger’s stripes are unique to that individual tiger. Since they have stripes, you can’t call them albino tigers because if you did, they won’t have stripes to begin with. Their long bodies or trunks are built for swimming, and all white tigers have bright blue eyes. Those eyes also have the power of night vision, which makes the white tigers terrifying creatures and hunters of the night. Their weight can reach up to five hundred pounds, making them one of the largest animals in the world.

white tigers in pool
white tigers in pool


White tigers, like most other types of tigers, hunt together in groups or packs. They travel in packs because it is easier for them to hunt prey for food. They need as much food as they can get because they have large stomachs to fill, and they are capable of eating almost one hundred pounds a day. A specific characteristic of tigers is that they like to bring their food close to water. Tigers have a specific way of dining as they like to dine and drink water at the same time.

Where White Tigers are Located

White tigers are located in many areas around the globe, but they tend to be found on the Asian continent. They like warmer climates, but they also like to find rest in shaded areas near water.

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