Facts About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are a slow breed of creature, that much is for certain but Sea turtles are not only one of the most interesting creatures out there. They are also, most of the time, the longest living creatures on the planet clocking in at over a hundred years old. These turtles may be slow moving and might be uninteresting from a distance but they are actually one of the most interesting creatures on the planet. Here are a few facts about Sea turtles you probably did not know.

How much do they travel?

The longest travel distance of a sea turtle in a year would be about 10,000 miles. For how slow you think they may move that is actually very far, especially in just a year. The leatherback has the longest moving period of any sea turtle out there.

How are they doing on conservation?

Well, they once had over ninety two thousand nests counted in the year 1947 but since then, the number has continually dropped down although they would not be considered endangered.

How hard is their shell?

Their shells are literally as hard and unbreakable as rocks. Every time they jumped into the water, you will notice their shells never receive any damage. Therefore, if you were to fall, head first, onto one of their shells, you are looking at a good size hospital bill.

What are those markings on their shell?

No one really knows much about those markings but ancient civilizations believed that the markings on their shells foretold the end of the world; of course, they always think everything foretells the end of the world so… next question.

Why are they poached?

They are poached to make use of their shells as well as their leathers to make use for cosmetics and special perfumes that are sold on the market. It has been known that over two hundred are spent on these pieces of equipment just for one shell each; it is a horrible thing that just can’t seem to be stopped.

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