Facts About Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks instill amazement, awe and a little fear in people. They are so graceful in the water but can be just as deadly. Misinformation about hammerhead sharks can make it difficult to see the truth about these wonderful creatures. While they can be vicious, they have their part to play in the food chain. If you want to know more about these wonderful creatures, take a look at the interesting facts listed below.

Great Hammerhead Shark

The largest of all the hammerhead sharks is the Great Hammerhead shark. This shark measures about 18 feet in length and weighs around 500 pounds. The largest of the Great Hammerhead sharks was 20 feet in length and over 990 pounds. They are not afraid of humans but are not interested in them either. They can attack humans and have done so before.

Where do they live?

Most of the sharks in this classification live in much deeper waters, offshore or they can also live in shallow coastal waters. Finding these types of sharks in these conditions happens all around the world. Both locations are suitable for these sharks as sometimes humans have found out quite the hard way after getting bitten or attacked.

Diet for Hammerhead Sharks

A hammerhead shark has a very varied diet. Items such as fish, other sharks, lobsters, stingrays, octopus, crabs, squid and sometimes eating their own kind are on the menu of a shark.. There is plenty of prey for a hammerhead shark to eat in the oceans. It uses the hammer to hold prey especially stingrays down as they eat. The defenses of a stingray are no match for this particular shark.

Life span

Sharks of this species can live up to 30 years in the wild. However, certain things such as disease or being caught in a fisherman’s net can also lower the life span. While these types of sharks are not commercially hunted, they are a byproduct of fishing. The total part of the shark is used for different purposes such as eating, leather working and vitamins. They have no major predators except man.

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