Black Bears are not only black, they come in an array of colors for instance a spirit bear, a black bear in England, is born stark white! Then later they turn to black, they have a special trait that allows them to do that. They also can be blue-black, cinnamon and a few other colors. They also like to build nest in trees! Although they do have dens in caves and areas that provide shelter. Here are some more interesting facts about black bears.

Black Bears

Did you know that a female black bear is called a sow and a male black bear is a sloth? They are by no means slow like their names suggest, they can reach speeds up to 35 mph. In addition, they can run flat land and uphill at the same speed but they can’t however run downhill.

Female Black Bears

Female black bears mate in the springtime, did you know however that they could actually postpone when they get fertilized? That way they can have their cubs in the middle of winter. They choose to do this so they can nurse the cubs, between 1 and 6 cubs but typically 3, so when spring comes, the cubs will be big enough to go out and hunt along with their mother. Cubs are born at about eight ounces, and they will stay with their mother for almost two years.

Black Bear Abilities

Black bears are great climbers, some of them even make nest in hallowed trees up off the ground. Not only do they climb exceptionally, they are also great swimmers being able to swim up to a mile and a half in freshwater. They also have exceptional long-term memory and navigation skills.

Black Bear Diets

Black bears are considered omnivores; this means they eat vegetation and meat. Black bears like to eat foods such as moths, bees, acorns, fruit, termites, nuts, and greens. They also like carrion, in particular carcasses of animals that have died from natural causes.

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