Facts About Beluga Whales

Beluga whales are one of many different types of whales that exist in the animal kingdom. It is easy to be wowed by the beluga whale because of its size and power. The beluga whale is unique because, unlike many types of whales, the beluga can dive deep into the ocean. Beluga whales have many other qualities that are interesting and fun to learn about. The following are a few that may peak your interest.


Beluga whales are typically found in the shallow parts of water, but they are capable of diving thousands of feet below the shallow part. Their anatomy, specifically their flexible neck, allows them to be fully aware of the other creatures that inhabit the space with them. Typically, the belugas swim slowly, but they do have the ability to swim backwards.

Physical Facts About Belugas

Beluga whales are named after the Russian word for white because belugas are, in fact, white. The beluga’s anatomy is designed to help them survive in very cold water, and most belugas are found in the arctic regions of the world. Belugas can even survive when the water they live in freezes on the top layer by creating holes in the ice, and by using those holes to get air. The belugas create the holes in the ice using their top fin, or what is typically referred to as their dorsal fin.

Other Facts

Belugas are very friendly creatures, and they are very friendly when it comes to living with their own kind. When spotted, a beluga is usually found swimming with a group of fellow belugas, and the group they swim with is called a “pod”. To communicate, the belugas use their mouth to create noise that seems to sound like singing. Their singing occurs quite often, and scientists and belugas experts dubbed the beluga the “sea canary” because of the almost melodic tone of their noises.

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