Facts About Seals

Seals are very social animals. You have heard of safety in numbers, the main reason they spend so much time together in such close proximity is for safety. Seals don’t have any natural defenses from their predators, so they stay together to keep safe. For more interesting facts about seals continue reading.


There are 32 species in the seal family and there are two main types of seals, there are the kinds with ears, fur seals and sea lions. Then there are the “true” seals or earless seals and these are the ones you usually see flopped all over the beach. Their limbs are fins and their fingers on their fins are webbed which are great for swimming. Did you know that the walrus is also considered a seal?


Seals are mammals they give birth to live pups. They spend most of their lives in water however they mate on land as well as give birth on land. This makes them a semi aquatic animal. Did you know that seal pups can gain up to five pounds a day? The mommy seal milk is full of fat, about half of it actually is fat, and this is what allows the pups to grow so quickly. Did you also know that seals pups are born without blubber? The fat in the mother’s milk is what helps the pups to develop their own blubber so they can enter the water without freezing.


Males are larger than the females. Each mating season the males can mate with up to twelve females! Males are typically larger than females and can get up to over 2,000 pounds. They can be somewhat territorial during most of the year. When it comes to mating season, it is every seal for himself and the males battle over the rights to mate with females.


Females are smaller than males in all species of seals. The females mate within weeks of weaning their pups. After mating, the females are able to suspend implantation time, that way they can replenish the blubber they had depleted with their pups. The female gestation period is about nine months long.

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