Facts About Rabbits

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits don’t belong to the rodent family. They originated from the lagomorphs family. Currently, there are over 58 species or breeds of rabbits. Rabbits are mammal. The size of an adult rabbit can be between 20 cm to 50 cm while the weight of an adult rabbit can be between 0.4 kg to 2 kg. They are known for having significantly long ears.

How big are their ears?

Some species of rabbits can have ears with a length of over 10 cm. The ear gives them comparatively higher hearing ability. They can also control body temperature with the help of their ears. Another significant physical characteristic of rabbits is that they have very soft fur. They are digitigrade and move with their toes. They are also herbivores by nature. They mostly live on vegetable, tree barks and herbs.

What is their weakness?

They have a weakness for carrot, which is often portrayed in popular media such as book, cartoon and movies. Rabbits are social and interactive animals. They have considerably good memories. Rabbits are also a good jumper. They can jump as high as 36 inches. One interesting fact about rabbits is that they can see what is behind their backs without actually turning their heads.

What are males and females called?

Male rabbits are called bucks while female ones are called does. Baby rabbits, on the other hand, are called kits or kittens. Rabbits have a very fragile bone structure. They require a specific amount of exercise, for example at least four hours for most of the species on a daily basis. If they fail to attain this goal for a number of days, they develop bone related diseases such as osteoporosis. Rabbits are a popular choice for pets.

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