Facts About Octopus

The octopus is an eight armed sea animal that is very smart and fascinating. To speak about more than one octopus, there are several different terms: the most common, octopuses, octopods, and octopi. All of them include the prefix octo, which means eight, and therefore we know that this refers to the octopuses’ eight arms or tentacles. You can find most octopuses in the coral reefs and the lower parts of warmer waters. Most people can identify an octopus, but there are a lot of less known facts about this water-bound creature.

Physical Characteristics

We already know that the octopus has eight arms or tentacles, but not as much is known about other parts of their bodies. Their skin is very soft and smooth, and they have eyes on both sides of their heads. An even lesser known fact; octopi are deaf and have to “speak” by changing their skin color. Amazingly, their heads contain most of the octopuses’ critical organs, even their three hearts!

Green sea turtle
Green sea turtle

What do Octopi eat?

Because the octopi live in the water, their diet consists of water creatures. Most often, they eat crabs, and they have a large mouth underneath their tentacles that can reach for their prey. The octopi use a type of poison that can trap and paralyze their food for easier digestion. This ink is also used to puzzle larger animals that mean the octopus harm by giving the octopus time to escape dangerous situations.

Lesser bushbaby
Lesser bushbaby

Species Identification

There are well over two hundred types of octopus that inhabit the world’s oceans. They are invertebrates, meaning they don’t have a backbone. Its official identification is cephalopod, a class of animals similar to mollusks.

Some Fun Facts

For the most part, octopi are friendly creatures. They are often small in size; the largest octopus recorded was about 156 pounds. An octopus has blue blood, and they have the ability to make themselves smaller to fit through confined spaces. Unfortunately, octopuses have a small life span, living only about two years.

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