Facts About Manatees

Manatees are known to some as the “Sea Cow” one of the largest creatures to grace the rivers of the world. They are herbivores through and through consuming pounds of plant substances each and every day to fill their reserves. They are a graceful creature that has been threatened to possible endangerment and it’s up to us to keep them alive and plentiful for more years to come. Here are a few facts about this majestic creature that quells the mysterious surrounding them.

Can they hear?

Yes, actually, quite well. Even though they do not have external ear lobes, they can actually hear very well. They’ll know exactly what predators are coming at any given point in time giving them a chance to get away.

What color are they?

Usually, they have the appearance of a brown/gray look; this is their most defined feature besides their weight.

Can well do they see?

That is somewhat lacking as their depth perception is quite off making it harder to make things out at closer range.

How big are they?

For the most part, these creatures not only weigh a whopping 1,000 pounds but they are also 9 to 10 feet in length, they are quite the big creature! Perhaps one of the biggest in river waters, next to a Rhino.

Do they lose teeth?

Yes they do. They lose their teeth consistently throughout their lives, and they never stop losing them like humans do with their baby teeth. Every time they lose their teeth, it is replaced with a set of new teeth in its place and this process continues throughout its life.

Are they related to other big creatures?

Their closest relative is the elephant. Their toes give off the look of an elephant and they have very strong bones that are close together in stature with no marrow.

How long can it stay under water?

It can stay under water for around a good 10-15 minutes each time it descends. It will come up for breath and go straight back down for another 15 minutes.

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