Facts About Lizards

Lizards, part of the reptiles family, are creatures of a scaly nature that make up a lot of the animal population in the wild. Some of them live near water, while others make it a habit to live closer to warmer areas of interest. Lizards have some very interesting facts about them that not everyone knows about, so we’re going to share some of those ideas here and now.

How species of Lizard are there?

In total there is way over 5,000 different species of lizards existing in the world. You’ll find lizards all over the world. They are not relegated to one specific country or continent; you’ll find them just about everywhere.

Are they all cold blooded?

Yes, but this is not the best way to describe a lizard as the only thing they can do is generate the heat of their body through external sources, not for themselves like mammals can. They do not have the same regulation of temperatures as we are able to regulate for ourselves.

How long do Lizards live?

It depends but overall, lizards live longer than a lot of other species on the planet. A big tortoise will actually live for a lot more than 150 years at a time as where some snakes will actually live a good 70 years, the lowest amount of living would be up to 40 years for snakes.

Do Snake bites cause a lot of death a year?

No, you are more likely to die from bee stings in every given year in comparison to snake bites but this is only relegated to Americans so the amount may change depending on your location in the world.

Can some reptiles survive the cold?

Most reptiles can’t handle the harsh freezing temperatures but there is one kind of lizard that can handle the ice cold and that would be the Blanding Turtle which can sometimes be found swimming underneath the frozen tundra’s of the Great lakes area.

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