Facts About Leopards

Leopards are a type of big cats. In fact, they are the smallest species in the four big cats including tigers, lions and jaguars. Leopards are from the Felidae family. Their scientific name is the Panthera Pardus. Originally, Leopards could be found in different places of Africa and Asia but most of their habitats have been destroyed. Now, they can only be found in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indochina, China and the sub-Saharan part of Africa.

Leopards and Jaguars

They are considered as one of the species that could soon face extinction. Leopards have short legs, specially compared to the other members of the big cat’s family. They also have very large sculls and long bodies. They look almost identical to another member of big cat’s family, the jaguar, but leopards are smaller. They also have rosettes marked on their fur, similar to the jaguars although the rosettes of the leopards are smaller and don’t have any central spots like that of the jaguars.

Leopard’s hunting skills

One interesting fact about leopards is that they bear opportunistic hunting behavior. They are also highly adapted to their habitats. They are stealthy and agile predators. They can run at speeds of about 58 kilometers per hour. They also have a very distinguished ability to climb trees. The weight of an adult male leopard is between 30 to 91 kg and a female leopard is between 23 to 60 kg.

Variation of leopards

The largest species of leopards can be found on Kruger National Park of South Africa with the weight of about 91 kg and the smallest species of leopards can be found in the coastal mountains of South Africa with the weight of 14 kg. Leopards feed on almost any animal that they can catch. They have a wide range of habitats. They can live in desert terrains, rainforests and other places as well. A famous species of leopards, which are very dark or sometimes completely black, are called the black panthers.

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