Facts About Insects

There are many different kinds of insects and bugs out there. We see them all the time, but what do we really know about them? Did you know that there are more insects in the world than there are of any other creatures? There are more insects out there than any other species, and scientists believe that insects predate dinosaurs by over 70 million years. You can find insects, which is a class of arthropods, in all different habitats, but you will not find any in the ocean. Insects are a class of a They may be pests at times, but insects are crucial parts of our world and have traits that you may not know about.

Humans and insects

Most people think of insects as nuisances, but human beings live and use insects more than most people think about. Some cultures consider different insects a kind of delicacy, and many eat certain species on many occasions. People also use insects as jewelry. Some even attach them to string or another material that would allow them to wear them as necklaces. Don’t worry though, with all of this eating and jewelry making, you may think that insects may become endangered, but there are over 1.5 million ants for every human being, and those figures are similar when it comes to other kinds of insects.

Different kinds of insects

There are so many different kinds of insects, which makes it difficult to know a lot about all of them. Some interesting facts you may not know: Bees, a sometimes dangerous insect for humans, can fly over sixty miles in one day. Their travel is necessary, though, because it takes multiple trips to make just one pound of honey from the nectar that they collect. Another bug that causes trouble, ticks, vary in size and can grow to be anywhere from the size of rice to a marble.

Other facts

Insects are not always seen as a nuisance. Many people have collected, identified, and named new species of bugs to their delight. In addition, most bugs do humans a service by gathering their food by eating other types of bugs, which keeps the insect population down and under control.

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