Facts About Crickets

Crickets are fascinating insects to watch and listen to. Crickets make chirping noises that anyone can hear. Much fascination has been paid to the lowly cricket. Jiminy Cricket is a famous cricket for the Disney film “Pinocchio” playing a central part in the movie. Seeing one incites many different questions for a child that can be easy to answer. These fascinating insects are everywhere that you look. If you are interested in these insects, take a look below at some fascinating facts.

Hearing and Sight

Crickets have both good sight and good hearing. They have compound eyes for excellent vision as well as wings that make that chirping sound that is so familiar. So, they can see and hear danger coming in time to get out of the way.

Myths About Crickets

Many myths pervade about the cricket. In some parts of the world, respect is paid to the cricket. Sometimes they are thought to bring good fortune and are put in cages with food and water. One long standing belief is that leaving them alone and letting them stay in your home can bring about a large sum of money. Hearing a cricket sing is also believed to be good luck.

Crickets and Singing

Different species of crickets will sing or chirp differently depending on species. They also sing or chirp at different speeds. The temperature will also play a big part in the chirps or singing of a cricket. Here is a fun fact. To find out how hot or cold the weather is at night, you just need to count the number of times a cricket chirps within a period of 15 seconds. You then add that number with 40 and you can get a good estimate of the temperature. This does work and the principle here is called Dolbear’s Law. Crickets are creatures that are cold blooded that take on the temperature of their surroundings.

How A Cricket Sings

When it comes to the mechanics of how a cricket chirps, it is a simple explanation. They will take their wings and rub against each other. This is what makes the sound that is heard. They also have different songs and each one has a different purpose to it.

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