Facts About Chimpanzees

Who hasn’t loved a chimpanzee on sight? They are some of the most beautiful monkeys in the world and are considered to be the most intelligent of all the monkey species. They can be considered to be close to humankind as far as intelligence goes. What makes these mammals so special and attention getting? They have always attracted curiosity from humans. Some even use them as testing subjects for human medication. If you want to know more about Chimpanzees take a look at some fun facts.

Human characteristics

Some of the more human like characteristics of chimpanzees is that they share DNA with us. The similarity is around 95 percent and leaves only a difference of five percent between us and them. They are closer to humans than any other animal. Their hands and fingers act much like humans hands do. They can use tools in every part of their life like a human can.


Chimpanzees are not classified as monkeys. People mistakenly associate them with monkeys. They are part of the ape family along with orangutans, gorillas and bonobos. Chimpanzees are the closest ape to the human race. Their ability to attract attention and their human like intelligence marks them as a different breed altogether. They can be considered to be humankind living ancestor according to research done in anthropology. They are the missing link between apes and humans.

Life span for chimpanzees

Apes, as a general rule, are long lived, even in captivity. The same holds true for the chimpanzee. They can live approximately 50 years but can also live up to 60 years regardless if the ape is in captivity or not. A chimpanzee baby lives with its mother for over five years before leaving. This can last up to ten years before child and mother separate.

Diet for chimpanzees

A regular diet for a chimpanzee is berries, seeds, ripe fruit, buds, flowers and leaves. They are not carnivores but omnivores. This diet is vital to the chimpanzee’s well being and long life. Various plants, fruits, berries, and other items are a part of a diet for a chimpanzee.

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