Facts About Bats

Even thought bats can fly and sometimes look like a bird, they are not birds but are mammals. There are wide varieties of bats in the world, over 1100 species. These species of bats are divided into two major categories, megabats and microbats. Most of the bats live on fruits, some live on insects and only a few of them feed on animals.

Where can you find bats?

Bats can be found almost all over the world except in the Antarctic, the Arctic and some remote islands. Most species of bats hibernate in the wintertime. Another interesting fact about bats is that they can emit ultrasonic sounds. This process is called the Echolocation. Bats use this process to hunt in the dark, as the ultrasonic sound can give bats some ideas about the existence and location of their preys.

More about bats

Bats range. Map by Defenders.org.
Bats posses a very good sense of hearing. As opposed to other mammals, bats give birth to only one baby every year and they are called a pup or a kit. This is one reason why bats have the slowest reproductive rates in the world. Most species of bats are nocturnal by nature, which means they sleep during daytime and are active at night.

Dracula and batman

The smallest bat and mammal in the world is called the bumblebee bat and you can find then in Thailand. Only a few species of bat actually drinks blood. There are a lot of mythologies surrounding bats and are often linked to being evil or are supernatural creatures. Popular movies are based on this myth and some familiar ones include fictional characters like Dracula and Batman.

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