Facts About Ants

Everyone in their life at one time or another has seen an ant. They are the smartest species of the insect family and come from the Formicidae family. Their life span is usually around 60 days in length and they can move very quickly using their strong, three jointed legs. If humans had legs like this, they could run as fast as a racehorse! If you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures, take a look at some interesting facts listed below.

Species of ants

Species common to the United States include the western harvester ants, fire ants and carpenter ants. Other species of ant can include weaver ants, pharaoh ants, yellow citronella ants, crazy ants, big head ants, leaf cutter ants, lemon ants, Argentine ant and bullet ants. Worldwide there are over 11,880 known species of ant.

Ants and ant farms

Mention an ant farm and you will get recognition instantly. One specific type of ant is usually used in ant farms sold in the United States and that is the Western Harvester Ants. There are many different types of ant farms that are sold commercially and they can be used for science projects or to keep them as pets.

Food for ants

Many different species of ant eat different things. For example, some eat dead bugs, some eat honey and some eat fungus. Others can eat oil and fat. Cheese, bread and meat can also be included in an ant’s diet. It will also depend where in the world the ant is as to what its particular diet is going to be.

Antennas, colors and touch

Ants do use their antennas for touch but they also use them for feeling and smelling as well. Ants come in many different colors such as purple, brown, yellow, blue, green and red. Different ants will have different colors depending on where in the world that they are. Their color patterns will also vary according to ant species. Unusual color patterns can be found all over the world with different ant species. Each species of ant is special to its part of the world.

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