What Do Squids Eat

Squids eat a varied diet depending on the species. From the smallest to the largest, they eat mainly marine life that can go up in size to a whale depending on the size of the squid. Each species will be different in what they consume as food. The giant squid is notorious for tackling baby whales, as many people can attest to. They can basically eat anything that they can grab onto. While some would say a squid eating a whale may be ludicrous, baby whales are taken by squid at times.

Squids eating squids

Squids have been known to eat other types of squids, except for the giant squid. These giants are not limited in the type of squid that they eat, including other deep sea squid, but these monsters have never been observed to eat their own kind, so they are apex predators, having no natural enemies.

Deep sea fish and squids

Deep sea fishes such as hokie and orange roughy are two of the fish species that squid will go after for food. They will also go after other fish, and shrimps are not exempt from the menu of a squid. Targeted also are the young of sharks and whales, as well as the adults whales and sharks themselves, if a particularly brave giant squid is involved.

Hunting For food

colossal squid
colossal squid

No matter what the size of a squid, when they go hunting for their food, they will tend to attack schools of fish first. They use their arms to bring food to their beak for eating. However, schools of fish as well as other mammals in the sea are all targets when a squid is hungry. The best answer to the question of a squid’s diet is to say that it can eat anything that it wants to, specifically when it comes to the giant squid. These have also attacked ships, after mistaking them for whales and therefore a food source.

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