What Do Snails Eat

Learning about what foods snails eat will depend on a very specific piece of information. Before learning about the food a snail eats, you must know what type of snail you are talking about. There are two different kinds of snails that inhabit the earth. The first is known as the land snail, while the second is known as the aquatic snail.

Land snails and aquatic snails

They are named because of the places they live, on

 Notopala river snai
Notopala river snai

e living on land, and the other living in the water. It is important to understand the difference because the two kinds of snails have very different diets. It is also important to know if you are planning on buying a snail to raise as a pet. The information below will be very helpful in identifying the food that these two different kinds of snails eat.

The land snail

The land snail has a very specific diet that consists almost one hundred percent of plants. Land snails love to eat anything green, and will eat just about any plant or vegetable that is put in front of them or that they are able to find. If you have a pet snail, it is completely safe to feed vegetables from your garden, or veggies that you purchase from the store. Experts have found that snails seem to respond best to apples and carrots, but that they will also eat lettuce, especially romaine.

Water snails

brown garden snail (Helix Aspersa).
brown garden snail (Helix Aspersa).

Water snails, or aquatic snails, have a very different diet than their landlubber counterparts. While they are considered herbivores, like the land snail, the water snail has to eat differently because they will not be exposed to land fruits, vegetables, and plants. Instead, their main food source comes from algae. The algae can be found in freshwater habitats, but can also grow inside a bowl or tank that a pet owner will house their pet snail in. The algae keeps the snails healthy, and it makes life very easy for the pet owner! As you can see, snails are not picky eaters at all, and they require a very limited diet!

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