What Do Rats Eat

It has been said that rats will eat anything that they come across, and this saying is very true. Two different rat species will have a bit of a differing diet. Black and brown rats have a similar diet but in the long run, the Norway or brown rats prefer a higher quality of food. The black rats can get by with just about any type of food and they are voracious eaters. They can also be destructive pests that can damage food stores and homes with their voracious eating. Black Rats are the ones that are most seen.

Black Rats

Otherwise known as roof rats, these have an appetite for a lot of different foods such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, grains especially cereal grains, apples, cookies, prunes, chocolate, melons and peanut butter. They generally will not accept meat, preferring instead grains, fruits and vegetables. They also love frozen food.

Brown rat
Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Norway rats a.k.a. brown rats

When it comes to brown rats, they want fresh grain and meat unlike the black rats. The quality of the food has to be high in order for this type of rat to eat it. Many rats have eaten things like the black rats, but also have been known to eat clothing, leather, eggs, poultry, fur, snails and other rodents. They can also eat soap.

Pet rats and feeding

A commercial diet can be of much assistance in the feeding of a pet rat. Also included along with this commercial diet would be fresh foods such as brown rice, sunflower seeds, yogurt, bananas, plums, squash, broccoli, whole wheat bread and pasta, mealworms and cooked liver. These can be included to help the pet rat have a healthier life as well as a longer life.

Foods not to feed pet rats

If a pet rat is owned, there are several things that should not be fed to them. This listing includes carbonated drinks and caffeinated beverages, chocolate, junk food, cabbage, or raw sweet potatoes. This can kill the pet rat at worst, or at least make them very ill.

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