What Do Rabbits Eat

Rabbits of both the domesticated variety as well as the wild variety have an interesting diet. There are four different parts of a wild rabbit diet that are vital for its survival. In the wild, they are herbivores. They graze on many different things such as leafy weeds. They can’t digest cellulose, and so pass two different types of pellets, one of which is immediately eaten after passing. They enjoy many different things in their diet and the diet of a rabbit that has been domesticated will differ a little bit. Take a look below to see more interesting facts.

Domestic rabbits

Fresh water, vegetables and timothy grass are part of the diet of a domesticated rabbit. There are also some commercially available products such as pellets for the diet of a domesticated rabbit that can be added. A small amount of fresh vegetables will help a domesticated rabbit stay healthy.

European rabbit
European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Wild rabbits

Wild rabbits eat leafy weeds, forbs and grass, as well as a certain part of the feces that they eliminate. The soft, black, viscous pellets are the ones that they will re-ingest to supplement their diet in the wild. It extracts a sufficient number of nutrients from the re-ingested material.

Feeding a captive wild rabbit

The care and feeding of a captive wild rabbit varies a little from the main diet. Their diet can include plenty of fresh water along with fresh fruit in extreme moderation. It can also be fed fresh veggies. If the vegetables are wet, they have hydration as well as trace nutrients. Hay is also important to a captive wild rabbit giving them fiber to keep their muscles in the intestine strong. So the diets will vary from a captive to a domestic and further to a wild. They each have similar needs as far as feeding and water are concerned. Rabbits tend to eat most of the same things with a little variation depending on if it is wild or domesticated.

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