What Do Lizards Eat

Lizards are fascinating reptiles and their diet is also fascinating. At present there are 3,500 species that are alive on the planet. Each one has different feeding habits depending on the species involved. There are at least four different categories that lizards can be put into. Omnivorous, insectivorous, carnivorous and herbivorous are the classifications that lizards can be put into due to their diet. Each one has a different species that will be talked about.

Omnivorous lizards

The omnivorous group is the largest group of lizards. Species will include racerunners, whiptails and bearded dragons. These lizards feed on carrion, pollen, insects, fruits, rodents and plants. The Philippine gray monitor lizard will feed on animals and insects as well as plant matter.

Insectivorous lizards

Lizards included in this category include chameleons, geckos, horned lizards and alligator lizards. They eat ants, grasshoppers, locusts, butter worms, crickets, meal worms and other small insects. They are good at insect control, naturally, and will eat any insect that comes their way.

Carnivorous lizards

These lizards include Komodo dragons and monitor lizards for example. These hunters tend to feed on insects, other lizard species, snakes and small animals. In captivity these lizards will eat chicken, fish, rats, mice and other small animals.

Herbivorous lizards

These types of lizards will include iguanas, chuckwallas and spiny-tailed agamid. These will eat pollen, leaves, plants and fruits. Desert species can also eat cactus. A captive lizard of this type will eat things such as peaches, tofu, papaya and other fruits. However they should not be fed insects, as this will lead to problems with the health of the lizard in question.

Their diet varies

Knowing what lizards will eat both in the wild and captive can be interesting to say the very least. Some lizards like the Komodo dragon will eat large wild beasts and they are the only species in the lizard family to do so. The diet can be varied from species to species and can be interesting to study, especially if a captive lizard is held.

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