What Do Mice Eat

Mice are small mammals and they come in two different varieties – wild and domestic. The diet of mice can be varied depending on where in the world that they are. For example, a city mouse will have a different diet than one out in the country. City mice can eat food scraps left by humans, while a mouse outside of the city would eat plants and seeds. A domestic mouse will have a different diet than the other two in order to stay healthy. Environment will play a big role as to what diet any mice will have available to them.

New Holland mouse
New Holland mouse (Pseudomys novaehollandiae) is nocturnal and omnivorous. It’s main diet are seeds, invertebrates, leaves and fungi.

Wild mice

Wild mice will eat fallen seeds and fruit as well as vegetation, tree bark, bulbs, roots, black beans, potatoes, corn and oats. In wintertime, they will dig through the snow to reach sprouts or grass that lies just beneath the surface. They can sometimes eat anything when starvation starts to set in.

City mice

City mice have a different idea of what is palatable. They tend to eat scraps of human food and become dependent on human disposals and garbage just to eat. They can also eat the same foods that their country cousins eat, along with the scraps of food and garbage that the humans unwittingly provide.

Carnivorous mice

There are some species of mice that are carnivorous and these include the grasshopper mouse that preys specifically on grasshoppers. They can also eat other rodents, small mammals and other insects. Not all mice are omnivorous or herbivorous. There are specific species that are carnivores as has been shown.

Domestic mice

Domestic mice need a bit of a different diet and should be fed commercially prepared mice food. However, certain foods can be dangerous to give mice such as coffee beans, chocolate, mustard seeds, avocado and candy can be deadly to any mice regardless of whether they are wild or not. Care must be taken with domestic mice especially to feed them the foods that they need to have and avoid the temptation of giving them foods that could kill them easily.

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