What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Guinea pigs are those cute and adorable animals that so many kids ask for as pets. They are often kept in cages or hutches, and are quite active pets when compared to other pets like frogs, lizards, and snakes. Guinea pigs are similar to hamsters, but there are some differences between them.

Tri-colored, Teddy Guinea Pig

There are about eight varieties of guinea pigs, sheltie, short haired, teddy, Himalayan, Abyssinian, rex, texel and Peruvian. The most popular variety is the teddy guinea pig, as shown above.

If you are thinking about buying a guinea pig, there are definitely a lot of things you need to learn about before bringing your new pet home. Most importantly, guinea pigs need to be fed a diet that is unique to them. The following information will highlight the different types of foods that are good for guinea pigs to eat. Read on for some more information that you may find very interesting!


Guinea pigs are one of many pets that need a diet that includes water. Most veterinarians and scientists think that it is best to give guinea pigs fresh natural water that is changed every day to keep your pet hydrated and healthy.


Guinea pigs, like humans, can benefit greatly from a diet that incorporates vegetables. Veterinarians suggest giving guinea pigs raw vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots. Not only will your guinea pig stay healthy with vegetables, but you will also get to hear your little guinea pig munching away on the raw veggies! Beware though; the vegetables given to your guinea pig may sometimes need to be de-seeded because the seeds can seriously harm them. Also, vegetables and fruits high in fat, such as coconut and avocado, can harm, and eventually kill, the Guinea pig.

Hay and more

Hay for guinea pigs is like a snack for them. Hay is a safe food that can be fed to your guinea pig, and satisfies them for a long time. It is important to note that guinea pigs need to eat at least every twelve hours, and hay can serve as in between snack for them. Veterinarians and pet experts also suggest giving your guinea pig vitamin C drops and pellets that will also keep the guinea pig safe!

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