What Do Hermit Crabs Eat

Hermit crabs are common pets, and they are especially popular during the summer months at beach locations. Hermit crabs are definitely fun pets to have, but they do take a lot of care and consideration. One essential routine that is important to learn about and do is the feeding of the hermit crab. Many people probably wonder what foods are safe and healthy for hermit crabs to eat. Your curiosity may be satisfied as you continue reading on this page.

Wild hermit crabs

Wild hermit crabs will have a slightly different diet to those that are kept as pets. Wild hermit crabs live along the shores of beaches, and they typically take shelter in the small grassy areas around the beach. Their diet consists of the plants and grasses that make up their shelter. They will also feed on any type of plant that gets washed ashore, such as seaweed.

Did you know that the hermit crab doesn’t just pick any shell that it can find? In fact, they selectively select the right one for them.

Pet hermit crabs

The hermit crab you bring home in a small cage to raise, as your pet, will require a different diet than their wilder counterparts. Pet hermit crabs should receive food that will keep them healthy, and some of those foods include food that humans use to keep themselves healthy too. This includes tiny bits of vegetables that will help the hermit crab get the type of nutrients it needs in order to survive longer. Vegetables especially rich in minerals and nutrients like carrots or apples will help the hermit crabs live longer.

Vital nutrients for hermit crabs

Hermit crabs require two very important nutrients to function: calcium and beta-carotene. Both calcium and beta-carotene help to give the hermit crab a distinct vibrant color, and if they do not receive enough of those nutrients in their diets their color will fade. In the past, merchants have sold commercial crab food that was supposed to help the hermit crabs, but most experts suggest that small amounts of healthy foods will do enough for the hermit crab’s health.

Not true crabs

Hermit crabs are not true crabs but that should not stop your from reading facts about crabs.

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